Patient Testimonials

“Thanks Brant! This time last year I was in constant pain with my shoulder and thanks to your knowledge, patience and encouragement, I recovered from surgery and was back on the golf course in record time – amazing my friends & me; you’re my hero.”

-N. Welch

“Words cannot express my gratitude towards Brant and the staff at Synergy Rehab. After shattering my knee last summer and experiencing the worst physical and emotional pain in my life, his knowledge and compassion were my saving grace. Brant is extremely professional and caring in everything he does.

So many therapy facilities rush people through and work with as many people as they can at once. With Brant, he gives the individual attention that is truly needed to recover correctly from an injury. I have four children and twins that were under the age of one when this happened to me. Brant helped me get back to being a mother to my children; he helped me get back my life.”

-Lisa M. Turner

“I am 78 years old. I had shoulder repair about 2yrs ago. After having rehab and enduring pain for months, my doctor told me I needed a replacement. After the operation I went to Synergy in Tyrone. After talking to Brant and seeing his gym I knew I was in the right place. He and his staff are professional & caring people. I owe my good recovery to them.”

-John G. Walker

“Everyone at Synergy has been wonderful and very helpful concerning my physical therapy on my right foot. With their help, I have been able to start walking with crutches two weeks earlier than predicted. They have been very helpful with any questions or concerns I have had with regards to my recovery after surgery. I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of P.T.”

-Perry Evans

“Over the years, my family and I have had several occasions when we have needed physical therapy. Unfortunately, most were not positive experiences. Prior to my shoulder surgery, my doctor recommended physical therapy and suggested Synergy Rehabilitation. Having the right physical therapist can make all the difference.

At Synergy I received friendly, professional care, using state of the art equipment. The individualized treatment I received focused not only on getting me back to doing normal daily activities, but specifically to being able to play tennis again. After having extensive shoulder surgery, this was quite a feat. Brant, thanks to you and your staff, I am back on the tennis court and sooner than I expected to be. For this senior citizen, that is especially gratifying.”

-Sandy Nunez

“Over the past year, my wife and I have been regular patients of Synergy Rehabilitation. My wife attended the clinic after having a total knee replacement and I have had long term lymphedema treatment as part of my continuing treatment for melanoma cancer. To say that my wife and I have been pleased with not only the care but also the staff of Synergy would be an understatement.

The treatments we received have always had noticeable results and have been responsible for my wife’s quick recovery and my increased mobility. The staff has always been so knowledgeable and professional, as to be expected, but were also kind, courteous and truly concerned for our well being. I would certainly recommend friends and family, and would not feel comfortable receiving my treatment at any place other than Synergy. Dealing with any long-term illness can be very taxing but it is more manageable when dealing with such respected medical personnel.”

-Manuel & Leopoldina Lopez

“The over all service and one-on-one attention is the best I have ever experienced. ”


“Please allow me to express my appreciation to you for your guidance and patience in my recent rehabilitation after my knee surgery. Your patience and determination were the keys to helping me regain the use of my knee. Thanks again for your help in my recovery.”

-James A. Sewell, Jr.

“I’ve had a lot of experience with physical therapy, and most was very unpleasant. Synergy Rehab is a different story. The therapists are kind, very considerate and most of all, they care. They are very innovative with the exercise programs and therefore you do not get bored with your routines. Honestly, I would recommend Synergy for just about any situation and feel absolutely confident they would be able to provide excellent care. ”

-Lara Money